Why Would I Want to Sign Up for 3 Months of Health Coaching?


Long-term coaching will yield the best results for you and your health goals. Throughout the course of our time together, I will be there for you as a cheerleader, support, source of resources and sounding board on your journey. Participating in three months of health coaching ensures that you don’t have to do it alone. You will have a well-qualified, compassionate guide every step of the way. 

Research indicates that it takes between 6 to 12 weeks to change a bad habit to a good one and make it stick! Whatever your health goals are, three months of bi-weekly coaching (6 meetings total) will put you in the drivers seat for living a healthy life that is unique to you. Three months of weekly health coaching (12 meetings in total) fast-tracks you into a vibrant lifestyle that will bring about lasting change!

Three months of bi-weekly health coaching is $ $540 ($90 per session)

Three months of weekly health coaching is $ 1,020 ($85 per session)

Both bi-weekly and weekly health coaching sessions can be done either in person (if in the area) or remotely.