Hey There,
I’m Nikki!

Welcome to The Gentle Healthy Traveler! This is my “home in cyberspace” and I hope it becomes your home as well!

I would love to tell you a little bit about me. I am a nomad, a teacher, a health nerd, a science geek, a poet, a journalist, a novelist, an essayist, an amateur videographer, a journeyer, an adventurer, a lover of higher states of consciousness, a Kainos creation woman, a paradigm buster, a perception shaker, a peace maker, an inspirational leader, a cosmic citizen, a patriot,  and a follower of Jesus.

I am all those things and much more! I didnt start out in my journey of life recognizing all those things in me, however. In fact, I started out as a pretty stressed out kid who turned out to be a pretty stressed out adult for many years. 

In 2014, after ten years of traveling around the U.S. and Latin America and a little over a decade into my elementary teaching career, I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions. Forced to leave the classroom for health reasons, I began my second career as a natural health blogger, writer, and researcher.

After diving deep into my own healing journey and healing my physical body to a certain level, I moved to New Orleans to write, teach, and start a graduate program in creative writing at the University of New Orleans.

In 2005, myself, my family, and thousands of other New Orleanians evacuated because of Hurricane Katrina. Thus began a three-month sojourn around the south, where I attempted to pick up the pieces of my own life while helping children and other adults do the same through story and connection. You can check out one of the results of that work HERE.

Those months right after Hurrican Kartrina represented one of the most stressful, heart-breaking, and physically and emotionally challanging times in my life. I developed secondary autoimmune conditions and intense viral outbreaks that left me bed-ridden for months afterwards.

At the time, I couldnt figure out why I was so sick. Yes, I was stressed and so was everyone around me living evacuee lives. But I has also spent years eating healthy (gluten free) and taking care of my body. In general, before evacuation, I had felt pretty good! What I didnt know then was just how much emotional stress and mindset can affect the body. The desparation, anguish, anxiety as well as grief and loss of those months had taken their toll.

Over the last ten years, I have dived deeply into my own personal inquiry into what causes disease and what encourages healing on every level. In 2019, I became certified as an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and made a commitment to help others step into health through joy, fun, and travel!

Over the last two years, I have been also on a deep dive into Biblical concepts of energy medicine and interacting with the Highest Frequency of Light, Love and Healing of all, that which comes from the Christ Consciousness. Interacting with this frequency from a place of Trust and Faith has had a profound effect on not only my own physical health, well-being, perspective and productivity, it has also had a profound effect on the depth of knowledge, compassion, and insight I am able to give to clients. I am just beginning my journey with our Heavenly family and all that entails for Life and Healing, and it is a journey I am so happy and  honored to be on at this time! 

I feel blessed to be able to offer my services as a health coach, healthy travel consultant, educator, journalist, show host, and source of inspiration in general to others. I offer classes, webinars, and health-related writings (eBooks, books, and articles) as well as partnership products, articles, and videos aimed at providing simple, down-to-earth, and even fun(!) ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, and have many travel adventures too.

I use a unique blend of scientific information, spiritual insight, and travel journalism to help others with autoimmune disease, chronic stress, and more come out the other side of illness and into a life they can truly enjoy! I believe that tapping into what gives you joy and living a purpose-driven life is the greatest “cure” there is!

I am also a creative writer and poet, with an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans. Besides health coaching, I am currently completing both a travel memoir and a young adult science fiction fantasy novel. I maintain a small client load for blog writing and social media consulting. I live in the mountains of Arizona with my bunny, “Ms. Dot.”




My Mission

“Be the light. The light is truth.”


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