One could say that to journey is what we as humans do in life all the time, whether or not we ever get on a plane, bus or car. Through transitions, celebrations, loss and growth, I am sure that you will agree that to travel through life is the biggest trip of all!

Walking down this path called YOUR LIFE in some way or another is inevitable. All you need is a pair of lungs and some fresh air and you are on your way. To travel GENTLY with awareness and a conscious connection to yourself, others and the earth… now that takes practice, skill and the constant encouragement of a community.

The Gentle Traveler is the place where I am honored to share my gentle journey of life with you. Through Honest Writing in once-a-week blogs about topics that range from traveling the globe to being healthy in mind, body and spirit to interviews with other Gentle Travelers throughout the Southwest and beyond, I present little slices of life, points to consider and gentle nudges into a more conscious way of being. It is my hope that the contents of this site will provide you a laugh, a smile and perhaps a tear that can bring about healing.  Most of all, I hope that a visit to The Gentle Traveler brings to you a brief  moment where perhaps you are able to see a certain aspect of life in a whole new light.

There is also a resources page where you will find eBooks, classes and coaching services on Honest Writing, Silent Retreat planning and other fun goodies. Check it out and be sure to contact me if you have any questions!

In this topsy-turvy world (that seems to get more wacky by the minute), it is my hope that this site can be a little bit of an oasis where you can stop by for a spell, get some inspiration, reach out to a guiding hand and dive back into your busy life walking a little gentler on planet earth.

Thank you for visiting!

About Nikki Lyn Pugh

Since I can do it from anywhere (and I like it that way), for the last three years I have made my living as a freelance writer, blogger and coach. Through The Gentle Traveler, I offer my Honest Writing blog posts as well as classes, coaching and other fun stuff. Though my marketing copywriting business, As Your Word, I help individuals and businesses in the mind-body-spirit, human potential and alternative health communities as a ghost blogger, editor, marketing copywriter, and social media manager. I also write for a handful of awesome publications such as the Edible magazines (San Diego and Albuquerque/Taos/Santa Fe) and the Taos News. I also publish frequently in various national and international creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry anthologies and journals.  I am currently working on Book One of a young adult sci-fi/fantasy series that I hope to also turn into a screenplay as well!

In my “former life,” I was a public-school teacher. In 2010, I was a crew member and on-shore officer (Valencia, Spain) of the RV Heraclitus during her trans-Atlantic voyage.  In 2011, I was one of four writers chosen for the University of San Diego Women Peacemakers Program. Be sure to check out the biography of humanitarian Rashad Zaydan of Iraq that is available as a free download.

I have a BA in Ethnic Studies (Chicana Literature/Literature of the US Southwest emphasis) from the University of California, San Diego and an MFA in Creative Writing (Creative Non-fiction emphasis) from the University of New Orleans. I have official training in life coaching through Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, California and informal, on-the-job knowledge in herbal medicine and alternative healing modalities as well as mind-body healing and energy medicine through researching and writing on these subjects extensively over the last fifteen years.

And in my spare time (ha ha), I enjoy wandering the globe but also being comfy-cozy at “home” in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado/ Northern New Mexico with my honey, the artist Shane Barksdale (link) or in my other “home” in Oceanside, California with my family (including mom and “pop,” aunts and uncles, one awesome brother, two nieces and a cutie-pituty nephew)! I love walking in nature, soaking in mineral springs, reading a good book, jewelry making and dancing (usually alone in bare feet when no one is watching).

If you would like to contact me about The Gentle Traveler, Honest Writing classes or coaching or you would like to CONTRIBUTE an idea for a blog or the Creativity Spotlight, please contact me. For more information about marketing copywriting services, please visit www.asyourword.com. Thanks!