In addition to Health Coaching (INHC), I also offer energy healing sessions either in person or remotely. I use a unique blend of crystal reiki, PEMF vascular therapy, light reflexology, light aromatherapy and intuitive insight to provide you with a unique healing experience.

You may wish to check out an  ENERGY HEALING SESSION if you:

-have a chronic dis-ease condition, an injury or pain and wish to heal it utilizing proven healing modalities which work on an energetic level;

-want help with healing emotional wounds and traumas through a mostly non-verbal, energetic modality;

-wish to lower your stress levels using deeply-relaxing energy medicine techniques; 

-have had a recent spiritual awakening (also called a kundalini awakening) and wish to maintain energetic balance, openness, clarity and personal empowerment as you grow spiritually;

-want to have more vital energy and clarity in every aspect of your life!

If you know what energy medicine has to offer and want to jump right in, that is great! Please click one of the links below to get started: