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I am trained and certified as a Integrative Nutritional Health Coach (INHC) through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, NY.  If you know what an INHC has to offer and want to jump right in, that is great! Please click one of the links below to get started: 

Th, lights for  as curre, v;;;;;If you would like more information about Integrative Nutritional Health Coaching and health coaching in general, keep reading! 



Working with a health coach is a unique and often life-changing experience. 

A health coach is first and foremost your health advocate and friend. As your health coach, I will be there for you as you create healthy goals for yourself, as you reach milestones in your success (and celebrate them!) and, especially as you navigate any challenges that may arise. As someone who is on a physical and emotional healing journey myself, I know how hard it can be sometimes to break unhealthy habits in order to make positive change. We will make these changes together!

In a nutshell, you may want to work with me as a health coach if you:                                         

-have a chronic condition such as an autoimmune condition and are confused as to what to do next;

-need help interpreting what your doctor is saying about your condition and his or her recommendations, including how to interpret relevant lab tests*;

-have tried conventional medicine (or are undergoing it right now) and are open to learning about how diet and lifestyle changes, natural healing protocols and energy medicine may be able to help you as well;

-want to lose weight and are tired of one-size-fits all approaches and diets;

-feel drained from toxic relationships and situations and want to regain your energy and vitality again in a lasting way;

-are overwhelmed by stress and know you need to do something about it, but aren’t sure what to do;

-are tired of nagging cravings that are affecting your health and your life; 

-are tired of feeling worn out and yearn to feel great in your body and mind again;

-want to be at the top of your game mentally so you can accomplish your goals; 

-are growing spiritually and wish to align this growth with the right diet, exercise and lifestyle for you;

-are ready to live your life to the fullest! 

*Note: not all health coaches are able to interpret lab results. As a health researcher as well, at the moment there are certain labs that I can help you interpret. Others may be foreign to me. I will be undergoing training for lab interpretation as well in the near future so that I can better help you navigate these sometimes confusing tests. In the meantime, while I work on that certification, if there are lab tests that you are not sure about and I am unfamiliar with them as well, I am willing to do the necessary research in order to find out what the numbers mean to the best of my ability, including looking online for info and talking to relevant health care professionals. While I work on my certificate for this service, I will do this as part of the health coaching program that we set up together. 


INHC coaches such as myself have gone through intense training by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, NY. IIN is the largest health coaching program in the United States and is run by coaching and nutritional pioneer Joshua Rosenthal.

INHC coaches receive specific training in a wide array of nutritional theories, diets and ways of eating. Most importantly, however, they receive some unique and important training that no other health coaching programs today offer.

The first important teaching is in the concept of bio-IINdividuality.  This is the idea that each one of us is unique in every way. Thus, each of us has unique food and lifestyle needs. As Joshua says, “One person’s food is another person’s poison.” Integrative Nutritional Health Coaches do not encourage any one particular diet. This is because, sadly, most of them are not long-lasting and tend to fail in the long run. 

What I will encourage in you (and will emphasize in our time together) is an exploration of what does work for you. We will get clear about your particular health needs and goals, experiment with a logical course of action, fine tune the journey as we go and celebrate each success together.

Contrary to what the media and some experts say, there really is no one “cookie cutter” diet or one single lifestyle change that will be the “magic pill” for everyone. As your INHC, I will guide you in finding the ways of eating that best help you. This may be based on your unique lifestyle, preferences, needs, and ancestral background. I will help you “deconstruct your cravings,” “crowd out” what is not working with healthy alternatives and encourage you on your path.

The second way that Integrative Nutrional Health Coaches like myself are unique is that we utilize what we call “primary foods” and “secondary foods.”

What goes in one’s mouth is known as “secondary food.” “Primary food” is everything else that goes on in your life, including relationships, exercise, spirituality, career, creativity, home cooking and more. If you work with me as your INHC coach, we will cover a wide range of topics that get at the heart of the issue and help you make significant changes for the better.


INHC coaching is not life coaching. Even though we will talk about all aspects of your life in our sessions, including life dreams and goals, the primary purpose of our time together is to help you heal from disease, increase your energy, lower your stress, achieve your healthy weight goals and live a more vibrant, balanced life. 


My program is unique in that in addition to all the above, I also have additional training in both chronic disease and energy medicine.

Prior to becoming an INHC, I was a full-time health researcher and natural health writer for five years, specializing in natural ways to heal many metabolic diseases, including autoimmune conditions, chronic stress, and hormonal imbalance. I still maintain a small group of clients that I do research and editing for. This helps me to keep up with all the latest research in natural health so I can serve you better!

To date, I have written close to 1,000 articles on health subjects ranging from the importance of gut health to the benefits of tai chi and chi gong–  and everything in between! 

I have also had training in and have done extensive research in energy medicine. Simply put, energy medicine is using the principles of energy flow in the body to help heal the body, calm the mind and elevate the spirit.

Examples of energy medicine include: reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure, crystal energy work, shamanic healing, PEMF, earth grounding, meditation, visualization, EFT, Emotion Code, tai chi/ chi gong, sound therapy, photo therapy, yoga and other ayurvedic practices, tantra, prayer, the laying on of hands (in the Christian tradition), visualization, movement therapy, Donna Eden energy medicine, art therapy, journalling, medical intuition, astrology, tarot, channeling…and that is just the tip of the healing iceberg! 

I believe that the “energy body,” that part of us which exists around the physical body and is not visible to the naked eye, holds the key to long-term healing from disease. This is because it is within the energy body where we hold our emotions, including any emotional trauma, stress and energetic blocks that may contribute to imbalance in the body. In a health coaching setting, providing mentoring and support for how you can balance your own energy body for optimum health is also an integral part of what I offer.                   

In addition to coaching, I also offer full energy healing therapy sessions directly. These sessions are based on crystal reiki techniques, PEMF technology, light reflexology and light aromatherapy as well as Intuitive guidance. For more information about these sessions, please click HERE

I am constantly in training in order to be a better health coach and energy medicine practitioner.   Please see the MY TRAINING section for more information.


Each coaching session lasts one hour and ten minutes.  If we meet in person, the session will typically include a 10-minute session on a specific, state of the art PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) machine with light crystal reiki. The PEMF machine and reiki is designed to lower stress responses and increase vascular motion on the micro level. For more information about the particular PEMF technology, please click HERE.

For remote coaching, the session will begin with a 10-minute meditation/ short remote crystal reiki session designed for relaxing and calming the nervous system. 

Next, we will get into the conversational part of the session with a review of the “homework” that we agreed upon in the last session and any challenges or insights that have come up around it over the course of the week (or two weeks, depending on the program). Then I will usually introduce a new concept or idea, based on our conversation. Towards the end of the session, we will agree upon actions (or “homework”) to work towards for the next session and will review what we just spoke about, including any questions or concerns.


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