Hi! This is Nikki Lyn Pugh, MFA, INHC.

When it came time to write my story, I sat with an important question:

What is the most important thing that I need to share with you, dear reader?

The answer came quickly, and in the form of a directive (as it often does).

Be transparent. Tell them about what makes you tick and how you got to this point now. What excites you? What gets you up in the morning? What motivates you? What do you know now to be absolutely true and how did you reach that conclusion?

This makes sense. After all, this is the really important stuff, isn’t it? So here is my story– not all of it, of course, just the game-changers. You know what I mean. You have probably had some of those yourself. After whatever happened happened, you were never quite the same, were you?

—–   ——    ——-    ——-

#1 The year was 1999. I was 28 years old and I had just been diagnosed with the autoimmune condition scleroderma. I sat in my car reading the little pamphlet that the rheumatologist had given me. For about ten minutes, I seriously considered filling the prescription for low-dose chemotherapy that would shut down certain parts of my immune system. Then a feeling crept over me. Something about the doctor’s explanation didn’t feel right. Would I be letting my immune system down by putting the part of it that was “not cooperating” to sleep? Sitting in that car that afternoon, something inside me knew that there had to be a better way. I put the prescription in the glove box and drove back to school. I was a public school teacher at the time and my kids were almost done with lunch.

#2 Fast-forward to roughly a decade later. I never took the meds the rheumatologist gave me so long ago. Instead,  I learned about natural medicine and what it could do for me and my situation. I had learned a lot about eating healthy, mostly from reading books like Body Ecology by Donna Gates. I was gluten-free by the early 2000’s, although I was still an emotional eater and sugary baked goods, ice cream and candy bars were my go-to weakness when things got stressful (which they often did).  What’s more, I didn’t know a thing about stress management , including how important it was for someone with an autoimmune condition like me to keep stress responses DOWN. Sometimes I took a yoga class and every once in a while, I tried some tai chi. That was about it.

After all, I thought, who has time for all this self-care stuff anyways? If I could just get everything on my to-do list done, then I wouldn’t have any stress!

I wasn’t as bad off as a lot of other folks who had scleroderma, but I wasn’t completely living life to the fullest either. During those years, I “dabbled” in mind-body medicine. I even tried a stint as an editor for a health magazine to get away from the school system for a while. But I still had severe ups and downs with my energy as well as weight gain, bouts of digestive upset and fibromyalgia-like aches and pains. I was anxious most of the time, even when no crisis was afoot and things were flowing rather smoothly. The worst part of all this was that every winter, the “normal” round of “school flu” seemed to affect me more than most of the teachers and the students I worked with. From October through the first of the following year, I suffered from brain fog and bronchitis, sometimes to the point where I had to stay in bed for weeks at a time.

Even when I was physically okay, throughout my thirties I still felt like I was just treading water in life. To add to the frustration, I also knew like there was something out there I was supposed to do. This “something” bobbed just out of reach like a buoy in the stormy sea. I was so strung out and tired all the time, I could never reach it.

Eventually, the inevitable hit me, as it will hit anyone who runs on the hormones of stress for too long. The “crash” came in 2014 when I developed a major periodontal and then systemic infection that caused most of my teeth to fall out. A little while later, I was dealt a secondary autoimmune diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (with a TSH of 35).

It was at that point that I knew I had to make some major changes in my life. I decided that I needed to put my own self-care first!

#3 The next six months were spent at my parent’s house in Oceanside, California. I was recovering from all the dental surgery as well as rounds of intravenous ozone therapy to help clean up the infection from my body. I tried a lot of other things on my own as well during that time: chiropractic, acupuncture, reiki, a lot of supplements, tons of sleep, a severe dietary change, tai chi, yoga and meditation. I dove in to the science of healing, the chaotic muddy mess of my own mind, the forward-thinking writings of everyone from Viktor Schauberger and Krishna Murti to more “new age” thinkers like Dr. Wayne Dyer and what some would call “way out” consciousness thinkers like Michael Tellinger and David Wilcock.

What was I looking for? I wanted to find out the truth about health and healing. In the process, I explored what was really true about what we collectively call “reality” as well. 

I never was able to shake the images from that initial visit to the rheumatologist who had given me that pamphlet so long ago. That one who had told me that “you will never be able to be cured of this.”

During this time, I explored the question: Is this really true? 

How much of what our doctors tell us is a lie? And what really is the truth when it comes to our own innate ability to heal?  Throughout my life, I had always been a traveler (see the section “Why Health and Travel?” for more about this). This time, I was traveling too. It was not to a new place on planet earth, per se. It was a journey of the mind and spirit. I did not go to distant lands or even out of my parents’ backyard. I did venture into the deep, dark alleyways of my own belief systems and, subsequently, into the scary, narrow pathways of our collective history. 

Looking back, I can see how that time “unplugged” from everything was a true blessing. Even though I was in physical pain most of the time, the time allowed me to develop the basis for a new and ever-expanding worldview that continues to expand with each year. You could say I “red pilled” myself.

While my investigations began with healing and the current medical model, I eventually wound up calling into question the entirety of what we call “consensus reality.” At times, what I continue to discover about our world is so disturbing that I simply want to stop the whole investigation entirely and go back to being an overworked, stressed out, sickly school teacher. 

Many times, I have wanted to close the book, turn off the video and simply forget and just go back to being “normal.” You know, eating junk food and planning for the life that everyone dreams of having: the husband, the 2.5 kids, the white picket fence, the goal of making an honest living and a”responsible” citizen of the community.  That is what it is all about, isn’t it? 

The truth is….the more I learned about the darkness, the more I realized, awe-struck, how powerful and all-pervasive is the Light (and our ability to shine it). My shift in consciousness was subtle on the outside; most people around me didn’t notice a thing. Yet it was significant for me since it has provided me with a unique frame of reference for observing my own life and the world in general from that point on. 

#4 Eventually, in spring of 2015, I decided that I had to get out of the public educational system altogether. On a physical level, I knew that my body was still fragile and that my immune system could crash again if it was exposed to too many pathogens than it could handle.  Philosophically, the whole concept of what and how our current educational system came to be and what this institution really stands for did not resonate with me anymore. I didn’t believe in it and knew I could no longer be a part of it in the way I had before. 

Even though it was heartbreaking, I made the tough decision to leave this rewarding yet very demanding  career.  I wanted to try my hand as a full-time, freelance, work-at-home writer. What happened next completed solidified my belief in a Universe that works with you when you decide to follow your heart and Intuition. 

The first writing gig I applied for was with visionary chiropractor-turned-health coach Dr. Veronique Desaulniers. Back then, “Dr. V” was just getting started in helping women with breast cancer turn their disease around naturally. Today, she graces stages all over the world, runs three retreats a year and she and her fellow BCC coaches empower thousands through her 7 Essentials® system. I am so grateful for the work I continue to do with Dr. V. She runs an amazing organization and is one of the most integrity-filled people I know.

I am grateful for this connection most of all because it led me to yet another paradigm shift within my own consciousness. Each week, I research natural modalities, scour through dozens of study abstracts on PubMed and other sources and read countless blogs online, all with the goal of being able to first understand and then write in layman’s terms what this natural modality or that can do to help the body heal itself of cancer and other chronic, lifestyle-related diseases. Throughout the years, I have written hundreds of articles for Dr. V and others about the body’s capacity to heal when given a chance.

Over the years of natural health research and writing, I have noticed two themes common to all truly natural healing modalities. First of all, they all work with the body’s own natural healing processes in order to change the energetic components of a person for the better—this goes for everything from targeted quality supplements and dietary changes to Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping) and yoga.

The second thing I realized was that there really is no “one size fits all” when it comes to healing from disease, maintaining health and living the best life possible. Health is an intuitive process and each person must find what works best for him or her (ideally with a qualified health coach as a guide). This goes not only for diet and exercise routines, but also for other things that make up a person’s life including stress level, career, home life, finances and relationships. All of what makes up a person’s life contribute to whether that person is healthy and thriving or on the road to dis-ease. 

What was true when I first started writing about health and healing back then is still true now. The more I research, learn and expand my definitions of what we can do to promote our own healing, the more I am in awe of our full potential. And the more I want to learn more!

To that end, in 2017 I began taking classes with one of the largest health coaching programs in the world- the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York City. I finished my course of study with IIN in January 2019 and can now officially call myself an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach (INHC). IIN was founded by health coaching pioneer Joshua Rosenthal. The core understanding of his teaching is the same as the dozens of well-known guest lecturers that we had the privledge of learning from, including Dr. Memet Oz, Geneen Roth, Dr. Daniel Amen, Joan Borysenko and Dr. Christine Northrop just to name a few.

The main message of IIN (and what I help my coaching clients to understand) is that healing is a very personal and highly intuitive process. Yes, there are general guidelines for getting healthy– drink more water, cut out the junk, eat more veggies!– but just as important are what Joshua calls Primary Food. This is everything that goes on in your life besides what you eat. These lifestyle factors either lift you up (give you energy and creative stamina) or bring you down (zap your energy and lead to disease). Boy, have I learned that one in my own life as well!

#5 Then, in June 2018, I went through another major paradigm shift.  This experience eventually led to the course of study that I am now on as an energy medicine practitioner-in-training in addition to being a health coach, writer, teacher and traveler.  Beginning in 2016, I dove whole-heartedly into the world of quantum physics, energy medicine and human potential. I have taken that question that has stuck with me throughout the years — What is our true capacity for self-healing?— to a whole new level as I continue my education in this field. 

For the last three years, I have devouring everything I can in relation to energy medicine and healing. I have studied the work of Donna Eden, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Cyndi Dale, Jeffrey Allen, Bruce Lipton, Dawson Church, Dr. Joe Dispenza— and the list continues!

In June, 2018, I had the privilege of attending one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Workshops in Cancun, Mexico. In preparation for the week-long event, I focused on my intentions.

What did I want to get out of the experience? Of course, physical healing was a priority. And so was a deepening of my connection to Spirit and my own creative flow. I wanted to get super-clear about what I was supposed to do in the world so I could just go out and do it!

Sound familiar?

My participation in Dr. Joe’s retreat was a real game-changer for me. In the middle of one of the meditations about half way through the retreat, something very strange happened. I was deep in meditation when my whole body began to shake.  I felt as if a thousand watts of electricity was going through me, yet I experienced no pain. In fact, I was only barely aware of my body and its convulsions. I felt like I was very much in my body yet at the same time I was outside of it. I was in contact with distant worlds and beings. At the same time, I was in tune with the infinite, abundant energy that is inside of me and all around me (and around all of us).

I know now that what occurred was simply one example of a “spiritual awakening”– a phenomenon that is happening to many people in different ways at this time in evolution of the planet and its inhabitants. It may have even happened to you. 

Since that experience, life has indeed changed for me. I sense my experience on the earth on a whole new level. One of the most significant things that has changed in my life personally is that I am now more connected to my intuitive guidance that ever before. This comes in the form of intuitive nudges, hints, numerical sequences, syncronicities and sometimes direct communications from what I perceive as guides, helpers or simply a higher source within me.  When I get these “intuitive nudges” these days, I tend to really listen to them and follow through. When I do, I am always delightfully surprised at the results. 

But that is not the best part. What is the most amazing thing is that now I know without a shadow of a doubt that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

This energy is real and it can heal. Its frequency can be measured in various states. What’s more, this healing energy is available to us all. It is intelligent, conscious and waiting for each one of us to feel worthy enough of its support.

Just how much support is there out there for you? For me? For us all? An infinite amount!

I believe that we live in a conscious universe created by LOVE.  Unattached, unfiltered, wide-sweeping love is the highest frequency of energy there is. It has been called Father/Mother, Universal Life Force, the Divine, the One, the Infinite, the Creator, Christ Consciousness, Brahman, the Field, or simply “the Energy of Love.”

Whatever you call it, you ARE it. This energy is palpable and tangible for those who can sense it. Allowing this energy to pulse through us in a conscious way is how we can achieve rapid healing.

Do you want to live in a reality where you are disease-free and living your BEST LIFE POSSIBLE– a life of fun, joy, purpose, super vitality and unlimited energy, where all of your needs are met and you are in service to others in your own unique way?

Well, guess what? You can!

Energy is the foundation of EVERYTHING in the Universe. And LOVE is the purest form of creative energy there is! With the energy of LOVE flowing through us, we can be truly  heal and we can truly be free.

In vibrant health,

Nikki, aka