My training in the fields of natural healing, energy medicine, life purpose coaching, creativity coaching and author coaching is extensive and spans two decades. Officially, I hold several certificates and degrees in a variety of disciplines, including: 

-A B.A. in ethnic studies from the University of California, San Diego (June 1996)

-California K-8 Teaching Certificate, Language Arts and Bilingual emphasis (1999)

-An MFA in creative writing (non-fiction/memoir emphasis, from the University of New Orleans (June 2010)

-Oneness Blessing giver certificate, Oneness University (Feb 2012)

-Extensive training with Life Purpose Institute in Life Purpose Coaching (April 2012) 

-Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (Jan 2019) 

-A Reiki Masters certificate from Mellisa Crowhurst/Natural Healer.com (Jan 2019) 

-Crystal Healing Certificate, Crystal Vault (Jan 2019) 

-Unlocking Transcendence with Jeffrey Allen Certificate of Completion, Mindvalley University (Jan 2019). 

 In addition, since the late 1990’s I have extensively studied the work of the following professionals and masters in the following disciplines: 

Natural Medicine
-Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (breast cancer)
-Dr. Paul Epstein
-Dr Christine Northrop
-Dr. Joan Borysenko
-Geneen Roth (intuitive eating)
-Dr. Joseph Mercola
– Dr. David Permutter (Grain Brain)
– (the late) Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez (enzyme therapy for cancer and other diseases)
-Dr. Rathman, the Rathman Institute
-Dr. Tony Jimenez (Hope4Cancer)
-Donna Gate, The Body Ecology Diet (autoimmune disease, gut health, candida)
-Dr. Isabella Wenz (Hashimoto’s)
-Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (GAPS diet, candida, autoimmune, austism)
-Anthony Williams (medical intuitive)
-Deepak Chopra (Ayurveda)
-Dr. Daniel Amen (brain health)
-Dr. Memet Oz
-David Aspry (ketogenic diet)
-Dr. Lissa Rankin (Mind over Medicine)
-Linda Bacon (Health at Every Size)
-Greg Braden
-Dr. Mark Hyman (keto diet, brain health, candida)
-Joshua Rosenthal (Institute of Integrative Nutrition founder)

Energy Medicine
– Dr Bradley Nelson (Emotion Code)
-Jeffrey Allen
-Donna Eden (Energy Medicine)
– Dr. Alberto Villodo (shamanic healing)
-Melissa Crowhurst (NaturalHealer.com/ reiki)
-Heart Math Institute (Heart coherence)
-Lauren Walker (Energy Medicine Yoga)
-Carolyn Myss (medical intuitive)

New Thought / New Science / New Physics / Spirituality
-Dr. Joe Dispenza
-Bentihno Massaro
-J J Hurtak
-Byron Katie
-Ekhart Tolle
-Thich Naht Hahn
-Abraham Hicks
-Dr. Wayne Dyer
-Marianne Williamson (Course in Miracles)
-Nicky Sutton
-Carol Tuttle
-Cynthia Su Larson
-Louis Hay
-Law of One/ Book of Ra
-Bruce Lipton
-Dr. Candice Pert
-Neale Donald Walsh
-Bernice Brown
-Greg Braden
-Jose Arguilles (Mayan Calendar, 4D Time)

-Elizabeth Gilbert
-Julia Cameron
-Pico Iyer
-Natalie Goldberg

Sacred Sexuality/ Feminine & Masculine Energies
-David Deida
-Regina Tomasauer
-Amy Jo Goddard
-Elizabeth Wilcock
-Diane Richardson

Financial Abundance
-T Harv Eker
-Tony Robbins
-Robert Kiyosaki
-Maria Nemeth
-Kate Northrop
-Lynn Twist

Time Management / Marketing
-David Allen
-Pat Flynn

Disclosure/ New (Hidden) Technologies / Exopolitics
-David Wilcock
-Gorey Goode
-Emery Smith
-Michael Tellinger
-Dr. Michael Salle
-Barbara Marciniak
-Law of One/ Book of Ra
-Barbara Hand Clow