In addition to coaching, offering energy medicine healing sessions, teaching, blogging and traveling, I also enjoy writing.

Currently I am a researcher and editor for various natural healthy sites in addition to be being “editor-in-chief” and writer for the Gentle Traveler blog. Of course, I think my clients are AMAZING (that is why I work with them!). They are also GREAT resources for natural health. I highly recommend them if you are interested in doing your own health research. Be sure to check out my RESOURCES page for links to other natural health recommendations as well. Here are some of the online research and editing clients I currently work with: 

I also enjoy creative writing. I have been writing stories and poems since I could hold a pencil. I also studied creative non-fiction a for four years to earn an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans 2010. Currently, I am working on two creative projects that I very excited about!

One is a blog that captures my day-to-day ponderings about life, love and travel in the form of creative non-fiction, poetry and story. 

The other is a series of “novelettes” called The Traveler Series. These stories are in the genre of science fiction/ fantasy fiction, with a twist. Through them I present concepts related to new thought, new physics, personal empowerment and evolving consciousness for young adults (and the young at heart!). 

I have also been featured in many anthologies and other collections. You can explore all of my creative writing projects and creative published works on my author site HERE.

I hope my writing inspires you in your life!