The Gentle Traveler provides unique, highly-personalized Integrative Nutritional Health Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, and Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions either in-person or remotely.

You may wish to check out INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION HEALTH COACHING if you:

-have a chronic disease condition such as diabetes or an autoimmune condition and want to learn how to heal it naturally;

-want to lose weight;

-are stressed out (and have been for a long time) and want to learn how to enjoy life again;

-have issues with sleep and insomnia

-are suffering from mild anxiety and/or depression;

-want to learn safe, natural techniques to relieve pain without dangerous opioids and other harmful pharmaceutical drugs

-have low energy, brain fog or just feel “out of sorts”

-have had a recent spiritual awakening (also called a kundalini awakening) and want to make lifestyle changes in order to STAY CONNECTED and take it even further;

-simply want to learn how to live your best life possible!

You may wish to check out HEALTHY TRAVEL COACHING if you:

You may wish to check out an ENERGY MEDICINE SESSION if you:


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