The Gentle Traveler provides unique, highly-personalized Integrative Nutritional Health Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, and Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions either in-person or remotely.

You may wish to check out INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION HEALTH COACHING programs if you:

-have a chronic disease condition such as diabetes or an autoimmune condition and want to learn how to heal it naturally;

-want to lose weight;

-are stressed out (and have been for a long time) and want to learn how to enjoy life again;

-have issues with sleep and insomnia

-are suffering from mild anxiety and/or depression;

-want to learn safe, natural techniques to relieve pain without dangerous opioids and other harmful pharmaceutical drugs

-have low energy, brain fog or just feel “out of sorts”

-have had a recent spiritual awakening (also called a kundalini awakening) and want to make lifestyle changes in order to STAY CONNECTED and take it even further;

-simply want to learn how to live your best life possible!

You may wish to check out LIFE PURPOSE COACHING programs if you:

-you have an idea for a project, business or other creative endeavor but are not sure how to bring your dream into reality;

-have just gone through a major life trauma or change and need clarity in where to go and what to do next;

-just have the feeling that you are supposed to be doing “something” but you are not sure what;

-have had a recent spiritual awakening (also called a kundalini awakening) where you got a glimpse of your soul’s purpose and want to see it manifest in your life!

You may wish to experience CRYSTAL REIKI HEALING if you want support with any of the above and are looking for a hands-on, deeply relaxing healing experience that “attunes” and realigns your own energetic flow for healing, empowerment and calm clarity. Reiki healing is great for  wherever you are on your healing and life journey.

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