Is part of the Mercury in Retrograde phenomenon the tendency to forget that it is in fact Mercury in Retrograde? I think so, because it happens to me every time. And so by midday, there I am (no matter where I am), laying on the floor in a big pile of mush, totally overcome by the inevitable series of nerve-wracking events that have brought me to this point, curled up in the fetal position, ready to draw the covers over my head and just, you know, call it a day. Can we start over tomorrow…pleeeease?

mercuryin retrograde crazinessThis morning it was a.) The internet was not working (repeatedly), b.) Pandora would not pair with the Bluetooth and then when it did it kept going back to a speed metal station REALLY LOUD….and I don’t even HAVE a speed metal station on my list c.) I took a chance and ate the soup in the frig that could has been in there for three days, maybe five, I couldn’t remember. Well, it was clearly five and now I think I have food poisoning. d.) I am trying to get some creative work done here people…do you HAVE to run your lawn mower right outside the window? I feel an allergy attack coming on too….

All of these random annoyances would usually be like water off a duck’s back to me, but not today. Is it because of MR, that peculiar time when all manner of frustrating and inconvenience things seem to happen at once and your tolerance of them is close to zilch?

Honestly, I use to poo-poo the whole zodiacal influence thing. I have to admit, now I am a believer.  Over the years, I have noticed that there has been a direct correlation between freak outs, electronic mishaps, and the dates that the Farmer’s Almanac deems as “Mercury in Retrograde.”

So what do you do if you are a traveler who makes his/her living with technology-a ’la-laptop, the expectation that things on four wheels will get you where you need to go and trust that your internet connection (a fickle thing to begin) will not fritz out and get you paid yet another day?

First of all, if you travel, why not just stay home during Mercury Retrograde times? I mean, seriously, if at all possible, be on the safe side and choose between any number of the roughly 300 other days during the year when things are NOT going haywire to fly across the world or drive across the country.

That being said, if you HAVE to travel during MR, here are a few tips to help you make it through the confusion without electrocuting yourself or staining your best shirt. They are also good tips if you have to stay at home around electrical outlets 😉

#1 – Be Aware of the Dates: Not that you want to PLAN on things blowing up in your face during these times. Being aware of likelihood that things may be slightly off, however,  could soften the blow if/when they in fact do.

Ah yes, you will say to yourself slyly now that you are in the know. It’s just that pesky Mercury in Retrograde thing again. What a bore….

You will be untouched by the comings and goings of the planetary gravitational pull (or whatever is going on, I’m no expert) and you can get right back to your typing or needlepoint (being extra careful of the needle, of course).

So here are the dates to look out for in 2016:

January 5 – 25 (P.S. that’s right now)

April 28- May 22

August 30- Sept 22

December 19 -31

By the way, did you know that Mercury in Retrograde can affect you even more and in specific ways during times when the planet is cruising through your zodiacal sign? At the moment, the planet is going through Capricorn, which just happens to be my sign. That explains it…

#2 Plan Ahead: Since now you know when Retrograde will happen beforehand, you can plan ahead for the onslaught of frustration by setting up some tricks that will keep you flowing in a positive attitude. As hokey as they may be, I like to use affirmations whenever I can during this time of year. Okay, I don’t do the whole “post-it note on the bathroom mirror” thing (they inevitably get soggy), but I do something that is just as goofy (and effective!).

mercury in retrograde cure

Even when I don’t feel like I resonate with these adjectives, just reading them at least gives me a good laugh and inevitably makes me feel just a little more…Sexy! Kind! ….(you get the point)

I did not make this trick up and I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it (some brilliant person on YouTube I think). Anyways, it goes like this. These days, most of us set appointment times on our phone calendar for dental visits, kids’ soccer games, birthdays and what not, right? Well, why not schedule a time each day when you can remind yourself of how wonderful you are? The mysterious but wise person who explained this in cyberspace said to choose three or four POSITIVE words that best describe you and schedule them to come up on your phone screen at 9 am, noon and five pm, for example. When I first started doing this, I liked it so much that I decided to continue it all year long, not just during the Retrogrades.

Planning a few more minutes daily of meditation, walking or mindful breathing during these days can do a world of good as well!

#3 Take Advantage of the Retrograde: I like to think of Retrograde time as an extended PMS. Sorry if that was a little too girly, guys, but, hey, I am a girl after all. I don’t mean the crampy, bloaty part, you can keep all that.  I mean the sense of heightened awareness I sometimes feel during that time of the month. My intuition is at its best right before I get my “moon” (i.e. period), and I usually don’t have the filter to dismiss my intuitive nudges.

Mercury in Retrograde can be an extended time where you can practice heightened intuitive abilities, no matter what your gender. It can also be a good time to reflect on the past. This January retrograde can be an especially powerful Retrograde to reflect on what you were up to in 2015.

You don’t have to flip your lid and verbally vomit your innermost thoughts to your close friends and neighbors, however. You can still honor your nudges and express them in another powerful way, by writing them down. Carry a small notebook or journal with you for just this reason. When the dark days are over after January 25, review your notes and practice your intuition again. See which thoughts, commentaries, hunches, or complains still resonate with you as true. This could be a sign of themes in your life you may want to explore deeper.

That’s it for Gentle Traveler Tip # 5! Stay safe out there folks and remember, just because it seems like you are going backwards, doesn’t mean you actually are!


How does Mercury in Retrograde effect you? Be sure to post your experiences in the Comments section below!