So it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

It’s just a day for lovers, right?heart, Valentine's Day


Besides all the romance in the air and the chocolate candies front and center of every store, I actually like to think of V Day as also a time to focus on relationships of all kinds. To parents. To children. To pets. To neighbors. To wild critters. Even to the trees and the bushes outside our homes. To the sky. To the clouds.

And especially to ourselves.

So at the Gentle Traveler, we will be talkin’ about love all month.

That’s all we need, right?

But sometimes it’s not as easy to “be in” the love vibe as it seems according to all those sappy love songs (operative word: sappy).

The truth is….love is not something abstract. Harboring good will for your neighbor, your planet and yourself can be

measured. It’s a skill and a frequency. It can be nurtured, you guessed it, THROUGH SLOWING DOWN,

My folks have been dreaming about a trip to Europe for decades an they just booked it last week!

My folks have been dreaming about a trip to Europe for decades. They just booked it last week! Right on mom and pop!

THROUGH PRIORITIZNG WHAT MEANS THE MOST TO YOU, through taking time for yourself, through traveling for fun, through service to others, through being creative, through being the authentic YOU!

Love is a healing power; indeed, it is the energy of the whole universe!

Whoa, that’s some pretty heavy stuff when it comes to love. And did you know that being “in it” can affect not only your state of mind, but your immune system as well?

This month we are going to take a broad look at all the love-related topics such as romantic love, self-love, sex, relationships and the heart (the metaphor, the symbol AND

married, travel, love

Not takin’ flight until the fall, but already feelin’ the travel love!

the actual squishy thing in the middle of your chest that is keeping you alive).

We are going to get in to some pretty cool stuff this month, such as:

-The science of the heart from the folks at Heart Math, who have been studying this organ in all kinds of interesting ways for decades;

-How to put together a relationship retreat, alone or with a partner;

-Some meditation techniques that connect you with your own heart and the heartbeat of all of life;

-A spotlight on an organization that is using Feb 14 as a vehicle to spread the love in communities all around the world in some pretty cool ways;

-The MOST ROMANTIC global destinations;heart, energy, sparkle

-Some poetic offerings from Rumi and Neruda (They were all about the love, you know!);

-Who was that St. Valentine anyway?;

-Some little-known facts about chocolate (oh yeah!);

-How to create a romantic dining “retreat” on a budget;

And, of course, Gentle Travel Tips, Retreat 101 insights, Inner Journeys, Road Reflections, some stuff just for Writers (they need love to you know), general rambling and so much more!


So stay tuned this month to get giddy on the love vibe with the Gentle Traveler!


What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Leave your comments in the Comments section below! 

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