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Tenney Whedon Walsh worked as an actress in NYC before turning to music as an outlet for storytelling. In 2005, she moved to Taos, New Mexico and performs her original songs there at wine tasting rooms, art galleries, farmer’s markets and premier venues. Truly a multidimensional, multi-city performer, her clear, compellling voice has brought her a loyal following on both sides of the country. More from Tenney can be found at Reverbnation.com.

Here she contributes a poem and a song to The Gentle Traveler’s first Creativity Spotlight. Thanks Tenney! 


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I run the beads through

my fingers over and over

like water coursing through a

dam that never breaks

How can I feel this after

9 months the confluence in

my heart as I set out for my

morning walk to the temple

treading lightly on ice and

snow my face not yet

open after the crying

how can I still miss you

108 beads on the string

crafted for prayer

your name still there

at the center of my chest

my breastbone pierced

as if with a dart

of love

now I walk


down the road dotted

with old adobes

and you are there

every step of the


I want the father

to appear

to take my

hand but he receded

years ago

I am alone

and the mala

and the prayers

and the mother

and the tea

all come together

in a cloud

but finally

Jesus comes

piercing me with


his words of love


when he comes

as he did

in the low level light

of the hospital

10 years ago

he brought only


it’s a hard road


his hand reaches in

to my interiour

and his eyes

look into mine

startled brown

and says

all the prayers

all the words

all the silences

will not save

you for you

are meant to be

in this giddy crowd

the saints and sinners

all conjoined in one room

and matthew is there and martin and

john and all the apostles and all they had was a

bit of string and fish

you can repeat the mantra over and over

and over but I will still come through the veil

parted to say “Believe”

it’s all we can do now in darkness

thinly falling.


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photo credit: Heather Lynn Sparrow

This is the song “Heading West” by Tenney Whedon Walsh. It was written as part of the online songwriters’ forum FAWM.org


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