sprout-1147803_1920 Spring, the season identified most with transformation itself, is fast approaching. She is inching her way towards our days…just weeks before, she was only a vague memory of greenness!

Oh yeah…here we come tank tops, shorts and flip flops! Here we come, dips in mountain streams and (all-natural) sunblock and long drives and longer walks and hikes and trips to see family at the beach.

Now I remember you, Spring!

Everyone who is NOT reading this from SoCal or Florida can relate to this. For those who deal with snow all winter, the shedding of layers IS transformational. To those who have been underneath winter’s solemn grip, warmer weather means freedom!

The transformation of the season means a transformation of the heart.

Once a year, every year, transformation happens.

I guess what I am saying is that TRANSFORMATION does not have to be BIG or GRANDIOSE. A transformational act can cause a small smile or a skip of a heartbeat. It can be subtle.

spring little things Shane Barksdale

Shane exploring for rocks to inspire his paintings.

The sight of a blade of grass peeking out from the muddy ground.

The smell of a fire coming from OUTSIDE of the house, not in.

The feel of toes in the open air.

The laughter of children in the neighborhood playground.

The butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

These kind of events happen a millions of times a day.

How many of them do we let pass us by?

The touch of feline fur.

The look in a lover’s eye.

The clouds overhead.

An unexpected silence that comes into a chattering mind like a sudden snow flurry.

Time standing still.


The spring thaw along the South Fork of the Gunnison River. Lake City, Colorado, where we make our home for the time being. God’s Country!

The miracle of the Transformational Experience is that it brings with it a sense of awe and wonder. Perhaps this is its definition.

Transformational experiences could change your life in an instant or they can be yet another matchstick on the pile.

This month we will be discussing TRANSFORMATION in the digital pages of THE GENTLE TRAVELER!

And in celebration of this, here is a little offering (below) which describes the very transformational inner shift that sometimes occurs when a poet writes a verse for the first time in over three months (okay, that poet is me).

This TRANSFORMATION stays with the poet all day, and into the dreamtime, and effects the poet the next day as she thinks lovingly not so much about the words  that were written down, but about the experience of letting the rhythm of words flow and flutter along the banks of an icy river…

She wonders if she could write more poems in the coming months. Is it possible?

Nikki transformation poetry

The poet in shadow

I think transformation also opens one up to possibility. To the “what if…” To the “I wonder?”

When a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere in mainland China, it could possibly be that this dance-like movement affects something that is occuring in Hobokin, New Jersey.

Just the thought of the possibility of it is awesome… and, yes, transformational.

Happy Spring Everybody!

— — — — — — —

Winter to Spring (A Transformational Poem)


Smoke on mirrors

The mountain stream beckons



What bitter reminders

Of past rendezvous

Blue toes, blistered fingers

Don’t dive in

And be a fool again!


Right on cue,

The fickle wind reminds me

Of winter’s past embrace.


heart transformation springDo YOU have a transformational experience you would like to share, big or small, significant or simple?  If it is related to travel, health or spirituality in any way, even better! If it is under, 1,000 words… then your golden!

I want to publish your stuff so SEND ‘EM ON IN! (Poetry, prose, artwork , music or video are all welcome)