The Gentle Traveler is honored to host its first audio interview ever, featuring Voice Dialogue coach and elder Reginah Waterspirit. Below is a little bit about Reginah. Scroll down to the end of the post to hear the  full 25 minute audio interview. Enjoy!

Reginah Waterspirit Voice Dialogue

Master Voice Dialogue coach Reginah Waterspirit

Certain images grabbed Regina Waterspirit’s attention early in life; water, puppets on strings and the phrase, “Well, I’m a person too!” That phrase seemed to stick as a mantra for many years as she navigated her way through childhood, teenage hood and most of her early to mid-adult years. Paddling the stream of life, sometimes down and many times up the river’s flow, she came to notice that these images brought clues for her life and work. Listening to the water spirits and noticing how we humans operate mostly as puppets on a string has supported her teachings about the selves or energy patterns within us and how to tap into a place of real choice in life.

Reginah’s work is greatly influenced by the Psychology of Selves and the “Aware Ego” Process developed by cutting edge consciousness leaders Dr. Hal and Dr. Sidra Stone. To this profound body of knowledge, using their tool of Voice Dialogue, she brings her own experience of 29 years with multi-tribal spiritual leader, Marcellus Bear Heart Williams, of the Muskogee Nation-Creek Tribe.

Says Reginah:reginah waterspirit voice dialogue

“Water, puppets on a string and insisting that ‘I’m a person too!’ have been recurring themes in my life. The universe provides teachers to allow the sacred sheath of interconnectivity to take me in and wrap me in a way to be of service.”

This spring and summer 2016, to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the passing of Grandfather Bear Heart on

August 4th, 2008, Reginah is offering “From the Bear Lodge,” a special Voice Dialogue session via Skype or phone for those who live outside the Albuquerque, New Mexico area where she lives.
This is an opportunity to talk with a master and an elder who has worked with Voice Dialogue, Native American wisdom and other healing modalities for the over three decades. I personally have had a few sessions with Reginah and have been blown away at the insights I have gained from each one.

Bear Heart Keeps Faith Voice Dialogue

Grandfather Bear Heart

The rate for a session is $100, although special sliding-scale and/or financial arrangements can be made. Sessions usually last a little over an hour but vary according to each client’s needs. All sessions will be held via phone and are, of course, confidential.

Reginah is donating 25% of each session payment to The Center for Creative Resources (CCR), in honor of the relationship Grandfather Bear Heart had with the co-founders of this organization and of Earthtribe. CCR is a non-profit created by Dr. William Taegel and Judith Yost, both psychotherapists, to help support individuals though major life changes. Dr. Taegel and Yost are also co-founders of the Earthtribe as well as being principle members of CCR. Dr. Taegel, of Shawnee heritage, had many elders as teachers and Bear Heart had a profound influence on him. They ultimately became “comrades.”

Says Reginah:

“I am honoring that friendship between Bear Heart and Dr. Taegel with this offering as I was ‘medicine helper’ forwindwalker bear heart Bear Heart aside from being his wife. I take that responsibility seriously.”

If you are interested in booking a session this spring or summer, please contact Reginah at (505) 348-6612 or e-mail her at

In a Voice Dialogue session, Reginah can help you with insights about:

-relationship issues;
-work or school issues;
-financial and abundance issues;
-insights about health or financial issues;
-getting to know yourself more;
-insights about powerful dreams (or reoccurring dreams)

Reginah Waterspirit will also make available complimentary feedback (i.e. channeling) directly from Grandfather Bear Heart for persons with interest in that as well.

Want to learn more about what Voice Dialogue is all about and if a session is for you?  Listen in on an informal conversation between The Gentle Traveler’s Nikki Lyn Pugh and Reginah Waterspirit conducted on May 1, 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico:

About Voice Dialogue with Reginah Waterspirit:

“Reginah, I can’t tell you how amazing that session was for me. Thank you so much, it opened up so much I have not experienced personally before. I appreciate the work you do, and the opportunity to experience it so powerfully!” – Tami Brunk, Shamanic Astrologer, Freelance Writer, Reiki Practitioner, Eco-Inspirer, Astrology for Earth Renewal

More information about Bear Heart and can be found HERE.

Check out Reginah’s blog HERE. If you are interested in booking a session this spring or summer, please contact Reginah at (505) 348-6612 or e-mail her at

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