When you begin to notice the things that ARE working, as opposed to the things that aren’t working, then you begin to see a huge potential everywhere!  -Barbara Marx Hubbard

The other day I watched an interview with two of the most widely-known spiritual luminaries of our time: Neale Donald Walsh and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

I had read a couple Conversations with God books in the past (and this interview prompted me to begin reading the third book in the series right away!). But to be honest, although I had heard of Hubbard, I didn’t really know that much about her until now.

One thing that really stayed with me about that interview, which was filmed in 2012 in Toulouse, France when Hubbard was 82 years old, was the fact that Hubbard had a chance to meet President Eisenhower when she was in her 20s. Even then, she was on a quest to seek out the highest potential in herself and in humanity. in all of us. She had also begun to see the “bigger picture” about how all of humanity and the planet are connected to all of the cosmos.

She was asking some REALLY BIG QUESTIONS to herself and everyone even then. She admitted that it was unusual for anyone in her town in Connecticut in the 1950’s to be talking about vast spiritual concepts. And for a woman back then? A lot of folks thought she was downright looney. Most, at least, just couldn’t relate to her.

That didn’t stop her from asking Ike the questions that were burning inside of her, and from seeking out like-minded individuals with whom she could have these conversations.

The 1950’s, at the beginning of the Cold War, was a time in our American history where we were flexing political our muscles in a lot of ways. So when Barbara Marx Hubbard got the chance to stand face-to-face with the person who most represented that “power” to her,  she said:

“Mr. President, what is the meaning of our new power for good?”

The president was dumbfounded. He simply did not have an answer for her. He said:

“I don’t know.”

She said in the interview what she realized back then: if the President of the United States couldn’t answer a question like that, who could?

It must be up to US to figure it out, she deduced, NOT our elected officials!

I think that this question has to begin on a personal level. What if we asked ourselves daily, “What is the meaning of my power for good?

But first must realize that we are that powerful.

We can easily see how “the powers that be” have so much authority to make and change things in the world, or to keep them exactly the same. But what about ourselves? I have heard others say, “We only use 10% of our brain,” as an excuse and a justification of just how limited we are.

But guess what? Science is discovering that other 90% is actually being used by us, at the subconscious level. We really are in the age right now where the sky is the limit regarding our own potential. This is what Barbara Marx Hubbard and Neale Donald Walsh know. This is what I and a lot of us are discovering right now.

And this is a very good thing because we are going to need all the “power” we can get in the NOW and in the years to come to make changes for the better!

Hubbard Asks to See the BIG Picture

travel health_Hubbard

photo credit: NASA

Hubbard also said that at one part in her journey, she asked the Universe for the chance to “see” the big picture of where we are as a species in relation to the entire Cosmos. It was not a small request, but apparently the Universe decided to grant her request. Here is what she said about that experience:

“I felt and experienced the thinking layer of earth become One,” explains Hubbard. “It was not only individuals becoming One, it was the whole systemic reality becoming one. …When it becomes one, when the heart connects with enough people simultaneously, our intuition is that it shifts the whole consciousness field. It’s like when a baby finally opens its eyes and sees its mother. Even if it is a mess, it manages to breath and get along. We as humanity have never had this experience as a whole.”

“…but the time is coming,” says Walsh after she had finished her explanation. He says that we are just now beginning to “scratch the surface in discovering what is beneath the surface.”

Hubbard also announced in this lovely interview (that you can access below) she is now going around introducing herself as an “evolved human.” She says “because I am so old, no one cares.”

What if we all went around calling ourselves that?

Then Hubbard is asked the final question:

“How can we become an evolved human and keep up with the impulse of the universe and the impulse of the planet?”

Her response?

“By saying yes to the big question inside of you!”



Nikki Lyn Pugh (a.k.a. The Gentle Traveler) is a writer and coach who resides in Colorado with her partner Shane Barksdale. When she is not working on blog posts for TGT and her clients in the alternative health industry, she is typing away at her first novel, buying little doodads at Thrift stores, helping out with the Red Cross or taking aimless walks to random places just for the heck of it. She can be contacted through this website.