What are the Benefits of the 6 Month Coaching Program?


A 6-Month Program will yield the very best results for you, whatever your goals are. Throughout the course of a half of a year, I will be there for you as a support, source of resources, sounding board and, most importantly, a cheerleader on your journey towards health and connecting to a life that is on-purpose in every sense of the word. You will have a well-qualified, compassionate guide every step of the way. 

Research indicates that it takes between 6 to 12 weeks to change a bad habit into a good one and to make it stick! Signing up for and sticking to 6 full months of coaching allows you to see your results in terms of lower stress levels, increased balanced energy, maintaining a healthy weight, mental clarity so much more over the course of time.

Six months of bi-weekly coaching (12 meetings total) will ensure that the changes you make to your life stick over the long term.

Six months of weekly health coaching (24 meetings in total) takes the positive change you have put into place in your life to a whole new level. You become master of your destiny more than ever before and those healthy habits you choose to put into place become ways of being. You don’t have to think about being vibrant, healthy, confident and aware. You simply are


Six months of bi-weekly health coaching is $600 ($50 per session)

Six months of weekly health coaching is $1,080 ($45 per session)

Both bi-weekly and weekly health coaching sessions can be done either in person (if in the area) or remotely. Discounts are available for payment in full prior start of coaching sessions.