You can choose to have a single energy healing session with me. Our work together starts with a free consultation where I find out a little about your needs and what kind of experience you would like to have. All of the sessions listed below include reiki and intuitive health insights (if relevant). Here are the types of energy medicine sessions I offer:


Single Reiki Session: about one hour (you should give yourself a total of an hour and a half as sometimes sessions go over. This consists of reiki only and can be done in person or remotely through Zoom or phone.  The cost is $50. 

Single Reiki Session with BEMER: Reiki treatment with added BEMER treatment. BEMER is a healing energy frequency device that helps the micro-circulatory system (you can learn more about BEMER HERE).  The session lasts between one hour, fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. Cost is $65. 

“Total Relaxation” (Single Reiki Session with BEMER and essential oils/hand and foot massage: Treat yourself to a reiki session, BEMER, and healing essential oils (based on your needs). The treatment ends with massage on the hands and feet. Hand and feet massage can be very healing since according to the Chinese meridian system, there are points on the limbs that correspond to the internal organs. Essential oils have been used by traditional healing systems for healing for centuries. Essential oils contain terpenes that can be anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing and immune boosting. I use only organic, supplement grade essential oils. The Total Relaxation Session lasts about an hour and a half and costs $75. 

“The Whole Shebang:” For those who wish to have a deep healing experience as well as a mini coaching consult, the Whole Shebang is for you. This package is great if you are struggling with a chronic health issue or want to “try out” both energy healing and health coaching. Your health coaching session will include some tips you can take home with you to keep your healing going! The Whole Shebang lasts about two hours to 2.5 hours and costs $111. 

REMOTE REIKI: Energy healing can be done remotely because it works through 4D space and time that is quite maleable. We can set up a remote reiki session for you to get the energetic support that you need. Although it is best to be in a relaxed place at the time of the reiki session, that is not necessary. If you are on the go and need support, we can arrange to “give and recieve” healing reiki energy through a quick phone call, text or email. Remote reiki can also be done via Zoom or telephone. Remote reiki in person takes 45 min to 1 hour and costs $50. “Send and recieve” at a time that is convenient  for you costs $35. 


Feel free to contact me regarding any of these energy healing session types, or how to create your own based on your own needs.  BEMER ONLY sessions are also available.