Why Would I Choose an A La Carte Coaching Session?

Are you on your way towards great health and vibrant living already but just have a few questions that need answers from someone with experience in the natural health field?

Do you have all the info you need  for your personal, health and creative goals but would like help creating a gameplan for yourself going forward?

Or maybe you just have a few questions about any aspect of awakening that you would like to talk over with someone who has been on the journey for over ten years? 

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then you may benefit from a one-time “a la carte” coaching session. Going “a la carte” is great for specific questions, one-time goal setting or gaining a “listening ear” for your inquiries and questions.

It is also ideal for those who have just been diagnosed with a condition and would just like to spend an hour or two with a professional to ask questions and get a little support with planning out your journey towards health.

Finally, a la carte sessions are great for long-term coaching clients who are reaching the end of their 4-week crash course or 3 to 6 month coaching course. If you do  not want to sign up for another full course but would like one or two more sessions to round out your experience, then a la carte is your best bet. 

A la carte coaching sessions are  $50/ hour. Minimum one hour.