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I am a writer, a health coach and a perpetual nomad. If I have ever had a permanent home, this would be it!

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Nikki 😉 






-Mexico, 1996-1999: research, human rights delegation member, journalist in Mexico City, Oaxaca City, Chiapas

-Cuba, 1997 and 2010: conference attendee, journalist, ship crew member 

-Atlantic Ocean, 2010: ship crew member on RV Heraclitis across the Atlantic, 9 month voyage

-Dominican Republic, 2010: 1 week holiday, ship crew member 

-Haiti, 2010: journalist, ship crew member 

-Azore Islands, 2010: research, two-week holiday, ship crew member  

-Morocco, 2010: holiday, ship crew member, journalist in Tangiers, Marakesh and Jujuka

-Spain, 2010: English Language teacher, ship crew offshore officer 

-United States, 2012-2019: extensive travel via plane, train, RV and car including long housesitting, short-term living and holiday stays in New York, Florida, New Orleans, Texas, Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, California and Catalina Island

-United States, Pacific Northwest, 2014: 3-month RV trip through Northern California, Oregon and Washington 

-United Kingdom, January-March 2019: Two and half-month stay in Hastings, Sussex for house sitting assignment, blogging assignment

-France, April 2019: Three weeks, blogging and exploring in Paris and the Louire Valley

-Belgium, April 2019: One week housesitting in Gent 

-Sedona, Cottonwood and the Verde Valley, Arizona: Home base (and launching pad for mini adventures) as of January 2020! 



-B.A. in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, San Diego (June 1996)

-California K-8 Teaching Certificate, Language Arts and Bilingual emphasis (1999) (taught K – 8 from 1999 to 2014) 

-MFA in Creative Writing (non-fiction/memoir emphasis, from the University of New Orleans (June 2010)

-Women’s Peacemaker Project, Peace Writer and Biographer, San Diego, CA (2011) 

-Oneness Blessing Giver Certificate, Oneness University (Feb 2012)

-Extensive training with Life Purpose Institute in Life Purpose Coaching (April 2012) 

-“Wild Mind” Freewriting Writing Class Leader and Director, Taos, NM (2013-2014)

-Freelance Natural Health Writer and Researcher (2014 to present) 

-American Writers and Artists, 2016 to present: The Professional Writers Association

TrustedHousesitters.com, 2016-present: Veteran member with over a dozen sits to date. 

-BEMER Vascular Therapy Advanced Training, Carlsbad, CA & Santa Fe, NM (2017 & 2018)

-Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (Jan 2019) 

-Unlocking Transcendence with Jeffrey Allen, Certificate of Completion, Mindvalley University (Jan 2019)

-Reiki Masters certificate from Melissa Crowhurst/Natural Healer.com (March 2019) 

-Crystal Healing Certificate, Crystal Vault (March 2019) 

-Reiki II Level HOLY FIRE Reiki (July 2019)

-Grief Recovery Workshop Participant, Hokseda Grief Recovery, Durango, CO (July2019)