Voices Rising- Stories From the Katrina Narrative Project

In 2015, I was living in the French Quarter of New Orleans. In August of that year, I and thousands of others evacuated the city while Hurrican Katrina decended on the region. At that time I was a graduate student at the University of New Orleans. While in temporary shelter in Fafayette, LA, I had the opportunity to participate in UNO’s Katrina Narrative Project, which documented the real experiences of fellow evacuees. Several of my interviews are included in this antholody.

UM AL-IRAQ (The Date Palm Tree)- The Life Story of Humanitarian Rashad Zadan

In 2011, I participated in the Women Peacemaker Project at the University of San Diego. The WPP is a yearly fellowship which pairs a writer with a woman who has made a significant impact on her community and globally. Rashad Zadan is a Bagdhad, Iraq resident and pharmacist. She began helping women and families during the first Iraq war. In subsequent years, she created a network of humanitarian offices which has helped thousands of Iraqis gain job skills and other resources. Learn about how incredible life and experiences in this full-book length memoir available for free as a PDF!

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