Healthy Travel Is Possible!

We all love to travel and we all want to be healthy. Well, guess what?


I believe we can do both, no matter what our age or what the circumstance!

Do You Feel Limited When You Travel Because of Your Age or a Health-Related Concern? 

In my 20’s ans 30’s, I was road-tripping, flying, bussing, back-packing and tenting-it all over the world. I even did a little hitch-hiking. I mean, Jack Kerouac did it and came away with a best seller. Why couldn’t I?

Then I hit my forties, and a number of health situations that I had been able to keep “at bay” when I was younger began to rear their ugly heads. I could no longer just pack a bag and hit the wide, open road. I had to plan things out a little bit more if I wanted to indulge my wanderlust or if I had to travel for business. Things like finding restaurants where I could eat, a comfy bed and keeping my immune system up while being in close quarters with others on an airplane or train became important factors. 

Sound familiar?

Take It From Me:

You Can Stay Healthy and See the World!

I am 50 now and I still keep on truckin’!  In fact, I have learned how to not just survive, but thrive, on the road, and this includes doing all the things I have to do to keep myself healthy naturally wherever I am and whatever my budget.

Along the way, I have also learned hundreds of hacks, routines and health disciplines– like the ones featured in the video below– which have kept me healthy and engaged in life whether at home or on the road.

I am so happy that now I get to share them with fellow Travelers like YOU!

Science has even proven that traveling and seeing new things can lower stress, give you a fresh perspective on life and even improve your health!

Getting older, having health concerns and having to deal with other stressors like the world during COVID 19 may make travel a little bit more challenging these days, but it doesn’t have to stop you from getting out and getting going.

A PERSONALIZED HEALTHY TRAVEL REPORT can help you have the best travel experience ever and stay healthy too!


On the other  hand, especially these days we may not be able to travel as much or as far as we would like. but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up our the time we need to unwind, destress and recharge. 

Travel is not just about seeing new things and going on adventures. It is also a conscious act of self-nurturing. It is a chance to get out of our daily routine, change things up a bit, sleep in if we want (or get up with the sunrise), pamper ourselves and just take the time to recharge our batteries. 

If you are short on time or not traveling far from home these days, you may consider giving yourself the gift of a personal retreat.

There are many different kinds of personal retreats, and they don’t have to involve a fancy spa or a cave in the Himalayas. You can even feel the benefits of a personal retreat by doing it for one day! To learn more about one kind of personal retreat, CLICK HERE.

If you want to dive right in and start planning your own Personal Retreat in 3 Easy Steps, click the link below!