What is Awakening?

People, of course, have different definitions for this term depending on who you ask:

– Talk to someone who is all about spirituality and they will tell you that awakening is when on separates the “witness self” from the ego-self, They may go on and on about meditation, the energy centers and  the kundalini awakening experience they had last year (to be sure, these are amazing as I have had one or two myself and they are worth talking about).

-On the other hand, ask someone who is bending  your ear about something called the cabal what awakening means to them, and they will equate it with a  mysterious figure called QAnon, the White Hats, the Patriots, the Alliance, the Secret Space Program, and how the dark and evil forces that used to run things from behind the scenes are  being taken down AT THIS MOMENT IN HISTORY). In fact, lately this aspect of awakening has been called the #greatawakening and is perhaps the fasted-growing part of mass awakening that is happening at this time right now. 

-And finally, if you are struggling from disease and are beginning to feel quite duped by the conventional medical system (and maybe your own doc who keeps trying to shove pharmaceuticals down your throat like mine was back in 2000)….then congratulations! You are on an Awakening Journey too, perhaps the most important one of all.

— — —

In my mind,  all of these scenarios are just as valid as the other and I respectfully put them ALL under the category of “Awakening.”

In a nutshell, awakening is about questioning the status quo and what is considered “normal” in our modern society. It is about “waking up” to the vague possibility that maybe, just maybe, human beings (including you and me) are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, that we are connected to a source that is loving and healing and awesome, and that by simply allowing ourselves to connect to this source (through opening our hearts and maintaining our sense of empowerment), we can achieve great things, including healing our bodies!

Fact is, awakening is nothing new.

-People have been spouting off about the cabal (or Deep State) for years.

-There have always been folks who just knew that their body was amazing and that they didn’t need it to be pumped with synthetic drugs to get better.

-And spiritual awakening? Well, THAT has been happening since human beings began looking up at the stars to wonder just what lies beyond…

What is different nowadays is the VOLUME of individuals going through Awakening in one form or another at this time. You are not going to hear about this mass shift in consciousness on mainstream media (i.e. “MSM”) news channels, in the Washington Post or on CNN. You might not even be able to talk about it with your family members or closest friends. If you look it up on Google, you may get links to conspiracy theories and Buddhist monks.

If any of what I am saying here resonates in any way, then, take it from me, you are not alone! Awakening is happening in a BIG WAY right now to literally millions of individuals of all walks of life.

Why? Because RIGHT NOW is the perfect time for awakening to happen. In fact, (here’s a conspiracy theory for you), it has actually been predicted by many cultures from all over the world.

And one more thing that makes #naturalhealth, #spiritualawakening and the #greatawakening so amazing: Right now it appears that all these different forms of awakening are coming together: natural health folks are connecting with Qanon folks. Spiritual folks are aligning with ufology folks. Economic questioners are beginning to take a look at how they can grow spiritually. This is happening online primarily, but also slowly but surely, in person, at conferences and in a thousand different realtime ways too.

Look, awakening is not all “roses and rainbows.” There is grief, there is shadow work and there is some pretty gnarly stuff that we all discover along the way. It is not all in a straight line and it is not without its share of confusion and typical human drama. But it IS happening. And it is happening to a lot of folks, you are not alone in going through it and, to me, all of it as a whole is a sign of larger forces for good at work.

I personally believe that our world is going to look, feel and be a whole lot different than it does right now, and maybe in just a few years. And it is all because of those of us who are going through awakening together right now.  

Once you begin to “awaken” to one thing that affects your life (i.e. mainstream medicine doesn’t have my best interest at heart) and you keep going with it, you begin to realize that MOST THINGS WE EXPERIENCE in this modern world simply are not true.

And once you get past the lies (and a natural state of shock and disgust that comes from discovering those lies and who put them in place), you may also get a sense that right now we have are in a unique position in our human history. We get a chance to rebalance, heal  and make things right– both in our own lives and out in the larger world as well.  

What do we want to create as we go into a new world together? That is perhaps the most exciting part of awakening of all!

For more information about Awakening, please see the RESOURCES page.