What is 5R Victorious Life Coaching? 

Victorious Life Coaching is a new offering of The Gentle Healthy Traveler and its founder, me, Nikki Lyn Pugh, MFA, INHC. For more information about me, please CLICK HERE.

It was inspired after the running of the Victim to Victorious Summit (or “V2V”). For more information about the V2V 2021 summit and to watch all 44 interviews FOR FREE, please CLICK HERE!

The V2V 2021 Summit was (and still is!) all about how we can lower stress and calm our nervous systems for better clarity in our lives and to get out of “crisis mode” using physical movement, trauma healing, energy medicine and opening up to the Divine healing frequency of the Creator.

After the summit was over, based on the response of viewers and much contemplative prayer (my personal go-to for 5R insight!), a full program was created that could help people really put habits in place to experience this clarity and calm focus as well as Divine energy on a more consistent basis.

Can a person experience optimum health, vitality, purpose, clarity, vision, and manifestation all of the time? I believe that it is possible! And, what’s more, it can also be easy, if you let it be!

This is where the 5R system comes in.

The 5R System is easy. In fact, most of the steps you don’t even need to consciously engage in. They are simply the byproduct of putting into practice healthy habits and mindsets that allow the optimum environment for your body, mind, soul, and spirit to express itself in the healthiest way possible.

Here are the five components of the 5R system:


Learning how to relax and putting into place simple, easy, practical steps to put your body and mind into a state of relaxation every day  is key to moving forward in life in a victorious way. Relaxation is also vital for all other steps of the 5R system to occur.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a relaxation expert in order to begin to see changes in your life and in your health. On the contrary, the minute you set a firm intention towards relaxation of your body, mind, and spirit and begin to put into place any relaxation techniques, this starts a cascading effect of great things on all levels!

And it just gets better from there….

#2 REST:

True rest is where healing happens. First we do conscious things — prayer, meditation, walking in nature, changing our diet, expressing our creativity– that can help the nervous system and the whole body relax and take a sigh of relief.

Then the body/mind/soul begins to shift gears. It begins to “think” about healing, not running away from that tiger! It expresses this decision in opening up to lower brain wave states, pumping out healing hormones, and cooling down mechanisms that cause inflammation.

How does this feel in your body and mind? Even if you are not in a health crisis, you are going to feel the amazing effects of REST. Your thoughts will become clearer, gut issues begin to disappear, and you simply feel more “present” and “alive” inside your body and with your thoughts and feelings.


Rejuvination is what happens when consistent REST in the body (also called the RELAXATION RESPONSE) happens over time. Body systems and organs begin to repair and come “back on line” in a balanced way. Also energy channels that were once blocked begin to flow again. New ideas to old problems begin to emerge. Things suddenly just seem to get “easier.”

People have expressed that the hardest thing to adjust to during the “rejuvination” phase is how simple life gets. Old dramas just don’t seem as important and so they are dealt with easily or simply fade away.

It is at the stage of REJUVINATION that deep traumas may surface to be healed. This may seem scary at first, but it is perfectly normal. During 5R coaching, we address memories and sensations that may arise. If together we feel that a more focused professional is needed to process what is coming up in the right way, then we work together to connect you with just the right practitioner within the vast network of such professionals that work with TGHT, or we do research together to discover someone who can help you outside of this network.


What happens at this stage is the emerging of the butterfly out of the mucky liquid of the cocoon! IE the real you!

Did you know that caterpillars don’t just “transform” inside of their protective shell. They actually TRANSFIGURE instead?

Transfiguration is defined as the emerging of a completely different form of being than what was there before.

Renewal means stepping into your transfigured self. Chronological age doesn’t matter, education doesn’t matter, past experiences and memories— although honored— don’t matter as much anymore either.

What lies before you is pure potential. Pure possibility.

Sounds pretty fanciful but I’ll let you in on a little secret. When you open up to the 5R process, you open up to letting the healing frequency of Light and Love penetrate you and fill your entire being. Thus, you are transformed BY LOVE and INTO LOVE, BY LIGHT and INTO LIGHT.

And when that begins to happen, you have entered into the realm of the miraculous!


In reality, you are receiving the LIGHT and LOVE of God, which can also be described as super high-frequency energy that is healing as well as empowering, from the moment you step to the 5R process.

During this final phase, however, you do so consciously and with an awareness of who you are, i.e the awesome spiritual being that you are, and with the full intention to manifest the LOVE and LIGHT that you have now become!

Don’t worry if all this sounds “woo woo,” far fetched, or sci fi. I simply encourage you to sit with yourself and with God/the Divine/ the Creator/the Source of Light and Love in the Universe (however you define that Source and as much or as little as you can sense and feel at the moment) and ask.

Is this right for me? 

If it is a “no,” then I encourage you to continue on on your beautiful journey until you find that “yes” that will help you heal, transform, and transfigure!

If it is a “yes,” then act! Get ahold of me and we can set up a free Discovery session TODAY!



$500/ mo for 3 months or $1200 PIF (note: Limited to only 5 participants at a time)

This is an intense one on one experience where you have my full attention and support. One on one coaching occurs weekly and you also receive text and email support via the Nudge and Practice Better apps. During your three month intensive experience, you will also get full access to all material at the $29/mo Patreon level, a free grocery store tour (in person or via zoom or Google Hang Outs), and much more! Because this coaching program is so intense, I am limited to working with only 5 people at a time. Please be willing to commit to all three months and be prepared for MAJOR LIFE CHANGE into a more vibrant, healthier YOU! 

3 Tiers of Patreon Membership:

Joining us on Patreon membership is a GREAT option if you are a self-paced learner or you want to try out what the 5R system is all about! Patreon memberships are as follows: 

$7/mo: 1 LIVE GROUP ZOOM a mo. + access to do-it-yourself content for self-paced learning + all of the latest health blogs, recipes, and videos delivered right to your the Patreon Feed!

$14/mo: All the above + 1 Telehealth text convo per week (see Telehealth text stipulations for more information)

$29/mo: All the above + one 45-minute laser coaching call (or Zoom) per month

You can sign up for Patreon Membership HERE!

And don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME with any other questions you may have! 

In Light and Love, 

Nikki Lyn Pugh, MFA, INHC

(aka The Gentle Healthy Traveler)


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