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We are all awakening together and we need to support each other along the way.

If I can support you on your journey for vibrant health, lowering stress, finding life balance and living a life of authentic service in our rapidly-transitioning world, I would be honored to do so.

Initial consultations are always free!

Experience Energy Medicine

Our bodies and our entire universe are based on energy and frequency.

Energy medicine works with these factors in order to help heal the body and balance the mind on all levels.

I offer energy medicine sessions either remotely or in person.

Modalities include reiki, crystal reiki, BEMER PEMF, EFT, aromatherapy, and intuitive readings.




Deep Dives Into Health-Related Topics, Thought-Provoking Takes on Current Events, Latest Tips on How You Can Stay Balanced, Healthy, Awake and Aware…amd so much more! 

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It may seem trite but last night I watched Eat, Pray, Love for the tenth time in my life and I am amazed at how much I resemble that character in some ways. Yes, I know that that character is a real, live person—quite famous and inspirational by now—who goes by the...

Say Yes to the BIG Question Inside of You

When you begin to notice the things that ARE working, as opposed to the things that aren’t working, then you begin to see a huge potential everywhere!  -Barbara Marx Hubbard The other day I watched an interview with two of the most widely-known spiritual luminaries of...

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