If someone were to ask me, prior to the fall/winter of 2022/23, if I would ever consider a career (or even a side hustle) in reselling, I would have probably looked at them and said something snarky, and admittedly quite elitist, like, “Naw, my advanced degree doesn’t qualify me to work at St. Vincent de Paul.”

I had no idea that there is literally a whole world of reselling out there. The mental image I had in my mind around reselling basically came from shows like Hoarders, Flippers, and Pawn Sharks. I didnt have any tatoos, I didn’t live in Vegas, and I didn’t have a whole back room dedicated to my growing collection of plastic bags, therefore this world remained completely off my radar until …

I checked my email. I checked again. I read the email. Then emails. I read them all again. How as t even possible that all three of my fairly regular writing clients were telling me that they “needed to take the holiday season off” within the same 48 hour period? After the shock wore off, I realized I had to do something –and fast.

Enter reselling. I remember that I was sitting on the comfy rust-colored couch at my parents home in Oceanside, California. I had just landed in their back yard after making the maiden long-term voyage in Winnie the Pugh from the mountains of Arizona to the West coast. I was only half listening to their conversation, emersed as I was in my morning coffee and the quandry that had come with those emails the day before.

“We have too much junk in this house,” my mom said.

“Yeah, we gotta get rid of it,” my dad (i.e. pop) said.

“We’ve been saying that for years,” my mom said.

“Yep,” pop said.

Suddenly my ears perked up. Stuff they have to get rid of? Wasn’t there something …what was it called? E..something– that they could sell the stuff on? I recalled that I had just sold a lot of my own junk via Facebook Marketplace before moving from my 800 square foot apartment in Pine, Arizona to a 22 foot RV (now known as “Winnie the Pugh”). As the caffeine kicked in, the wheels started turning inside my brain.

Gee, I have time now—lots of time– maybe I could help my folks sell some stuff on “whatever it was called” and, if they were graceful and grateful enough, they would be willing to give me a little percentage? You know, just enough so I can buy some peanut butter for myself and not have to forage for wild hay in the fields behind the house for hay for Ms. D.

“Hey, guys, I have an idea…” I said.

And so it began!

Fast forward a year and a half later and the Pugh Family eBay business (we also sell on Poshmark and Etsy) has taken over the entire top floor of the house. And while I now spend most of my reselling energy doing Live shows from the RV on WhatNot and building out The Gentle Healthy Traveler Esty shop, my parents have built their own growing reselling empire through their brand, Pearl Onion Vintage.

I hope you enjoy (and maybe even learn a thing or two) from my THREE TOP TIPS for reselling on the road! You can access the video at the bottom of this blog.

And if you are interested in LIVE Sales (which are so fun) be sure to check out my channel on WHATNOT:

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Finally, I encourage you to check out all the very cool vintage stuff we have over at Pearl Onion on eBay HERE!

Some resources to get you started:

A lot of how we learned “the ropes” of reselling when we were first starting out with Pearl Onion (and still today, since things are always changing on the various various platforms) was through our “fav” reselling YouTubers. Every Channel has their own “shtick” and here are the ones that we have really gleaned a lot from through the last almost two years (note- a lot of these are geared towards the vintage niche since that is what Pearl Onion is all about). Just search these names on YouTube and they will come right up-

Nurse Flipper

Daily Refinement

BOLO Buddies

Antique Professor

Dr Laurie

Curiosity Inc

Rebel Reseller

Shed Flips

Commonwealth Picker

Auction Professor

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