Even though I’ve been at this fulltime RV living thing for over a year, I am still learning and growing…and trying to avoid spilling things all over the place as Ms D and I bump down the road in Winnie the Pugh.

For example, what I just discovered last month was that if you keep the PSI filled on the hydraulic airbag, man, does it make for a much smoother ride! Also, it will kick your clearance up in the backend by at least a foot. Seriously, who knew! LOL

Sometimes it can be overwhelming…all the things I still need to learn about my RV. She is constantly changing, things are constantly breaking down, and other things being replaced and repaired. Kind of like her owner ha ha…

At the same time, I am also continuously amazed, awed, and just downright grateful for the beautiful sunrises (like what I experienced at Plomosa 14-Day camping just outside of Quartzsite, Arizona), the home-cooked meals, the friendly faces, and the sweet spots for boondocking that we discover together as we cruise (and I mean cruise…most of the time we don’t go over 55 mph) down the highways and byways of America.

If you are a new full-time RVer, you will be glad to know that there are a LOT of us out there. Don’t be shy. Follow your gut, of course, (for safety reasons) but also don’t be afraid to reach out and give a fellow traveler a smile or a handshake. You may learn a thing or two about this unique lifestyle, and you may even meet a friend for life.

And if you would like a practical reminder and checklist of “Before You Go” MUST DO Take Off tasks for healthy travel for yourself and your rig, you can get that from me for free HERE or by clicking the button on this page!

Be safe, have fun, and we will see you on the road!


Nikki P (aka The Gentle Healthy Traveler) and Ms. D 😉