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Welcome friends to new The Gentle Healthy Traveler blog!

It has been a while, okay, a LONG TIME, since I have posted anything as The Gentle Traveler (now the Gentle Healthy Traveler). For those of you who maybe have been around a while (you are a patient lot and I appreciate you!), you may recall that this site way back when used to be focused on travel more than health. It was full of fun facts, crazy travel logs, poetic reveries, details of escapades and, oh yeah, the occasional health article or healthy travel article to boot!


Basically, it was a lot of fun and a lot of travel, polished and tied up with a good dose of healthy inspiration!

Over the last two years that this site and blog have been inactive…um, do I have to say it?…a LOT has changed. In the world, of course. But also–just to being honest here– in my own life as well. A separation, several moves, another health challenge, an about-face professionally, and a new furry addition to the fam (yep, that’s her in the pic a wee one about a year ago).

And then there is what we all had to go through since the beginning of 2020. Whatever side of the fence you are on, everyone can agree that the state of the world has made us all stay put a lot more than our wanderlust selves would have liked!

I am a “glass is half full” kind of gal. I always have been. So, I hope you don’t roll your eyes too much when I say that I do see the good that has come out of being a forced homebody for the last two years.

It has helped me realize how taxed my body and mind had become from always being on the go. To be honest, the slower pace has helped my whole system slow down, as well as my whole life in general. I go at a slower pace in general now and I like it.

I can feel the results of calming my own nervous system down, and I feel that it has led to healing on all levels. The greatest and the most precious gift of all over the last couple of years is that the winding down has helped me to grow deeper into faith, into peace, and into true relationship with God. I have learned so much just from sitting in silence, ascending into the heavenlies, and listening to as well as learning from that “still small voice” which I know of as Yeshua/Ruach/Abba or simply “the fam” (short for “family”).

I also feel that now I have such a deeper appreciation of the power—dare I say the awesome power— of our own immune system, our own nervous system, and our own energetic system. We truly are miracles, every single one of us!


All that being said, in the posts to come and on the new and improved Gentle Traveler site, you will find quite a different platform of offerings than before. Don’t worry, there will still be travel (albeit closer to home) and adventure (including adventures in healing and in the spirit). In addition, there will be more health-related posts than ever before. Immune system health, natural remedies and modalities, specific conditions, herbal write-ups, interviews, and deep dives will be seen in these posts within the coming months, as well as simple stress hacks, recipes, tips, and much more!

Finally, there will be an emphasis on calming and soothing our nervous systems in the face of this hectic and topsy turvy world, as well as specific blogs on all the different ways to do just that. If I have learned anything from my own journey and from observing those around me it is that no true healing can ever happen as long as we continue to be in the throws of FIGHT or FLIGHT, that the cortisol-pumping state of chronic stress which inflames our bodies and brains, amps up (and then depletes) our adrenals, throws off our hormonal balance (yes, this applies to both women and men), and just in general leads us down a path of disease.

That is why I have also designed a brand-new system, which I call “5R,” that specifically looks at how we can calm our stress responses as the very first step towards healing and how we can cultivate an overall mindset that helps our bodies to heal and thrive along the way. You will learn all about that and how it can help you in the coming months as well!

Make no mistake about it, you CAN heal your body, gain clarity in your mind, fulfill your soul’s desires, and allow your Spirit to soar. I truly believe that our Creator designed us to do just that!

Its time to let our Light shine and allow our Spirits to take flight. I hope that this new site, its offerings and the new Gentle Healthy Traveler blog will bring you the information and inspiration that can help you to do just that in your own unique and beautiful way!

In Love and Light,

Nikki P

Aka The Gentle Healthy Traveler

Do you have questions about your health? Ready to make a change or just wanting to explore your options for living your best life naturally? Drop me a line! I would love to chat with you!

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