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“We are products of a TV-culture, the big screen, the amusement part. Need I say more? Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, a “spiritual adventurist,” or a self-proclaimed nothing at all, we have all grown up in a “wow me” culture that expects “oohs and ahhhs” out of everything, including the movements of God.

First of all, there is movement in God. It happens all around us, a thousand times a day, in the most ordinary moments…brushing your teeth or taking out the trash…and in the most extraordinary times, like the instant your son or daughter says, “I do” and you know that your own life, as well as theirs, is changed forever.

In the wind, in the sun and stars, in the hearts and minds of people — each of us, Christian or not—get to experience these little “truth bombs” that go off a thousand times a day. They are the little bursts of ideas, inspirations, insights, and “what ifs” that whisper to us throughout our day-to-day existence.”  


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