In the Weeds

In the Weeds

So…its been 3 months since I posted anything on this here blog. Three LONG months where, geez, not much has happened except basically everything that could go WRONG. Let’s see, let me make a list:

-I lost all of my income

-I got COVID, then I got sick with something else I thought was COVID, then I got sick again

-the trailer sprung a leak, popped a plastic piping in the greywater, and developed a bad case of mold. Oh yeah, and the roof started to sag as the rains poured down from the sky like never before here in Southern California (where I have been since October ’22).


Ms D
in the weeds

Ever have one of those days?…weeks?…months?

Carlsbad CA

My mom and nephew taking a stroll in Carlsbad, CA

nikki lyn pugh

Me modeling one of our reselling wares. Check out more by searching Pearl Onions Vintage on Etsy! (and Pearl Onion on eBay)

Thanksgiving 2022

My bro and uncle “digging in” and serving up the turkey on Thanksgiving. 


Still, all this is no excuse for crickets. But I guess now you know a little more of something about me. When I get overwhelmed, I go silence. Even though I know better. Even though support is what I could have used during these tough times.

Can you relate? I know you can.

A supportive community of fellow healthy travelers who may have written back to me, saying Hey don’t worry. It will get better. You will get through this.

To lend prayers. To say we’ve got your back. To share what they are going through too. I bet, as I write this, that there are a whole heck of other folks going through some rougher times than me.

And in all fairness, there is a lot of good stuff that has happened as well:

-I started a little online selling business with family, to make up for all the work I lost and cuz, hey, why not now I have the time and Im not going anywhere soon

-I am getting to know some members of my family – parents, sibling, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, all SoCal natives—for the first time again in almost a decade.

-And best of all, I had the most AWESOME holiday season. Even though I was on the tail end of the “C” nasties, it was still the best one I can remember in a long time. It had been close to 3 years since we had all gotton together and –for once in a very very VERY long time—everyone was in agreement about one thing.

We focused on gratitude for the holidays. Just being together, eating, laughing, joking, eating some more.

Did I mention eating?

I guess sometimes the good stuff can be pretty overwhelming as well.

The end of last year was filled with some really good stuff and some really bad stuff and I guess I was just trying to get by from one day to the next.

Can you relate? Unless you have been under a rock for the last 2-3 years, I know you can!



And guess what? Now I’m back! And I promise (on the steering wheel of my ’92 Toyota Winnebago Warrior!) that this time I will not disappear!

No more crickets. Only us crazy Healthy Traveling vagabonds….waiting it out in the weeds until the rain clouds disappear…


With Love,


Nikki P 😊

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