Total Cost for the part of the remodel featured in this video (including Rose Gold Accessories and jute rug, note: rug no longer available on amazon) = $149.00. Without the jute rug it was about $120…not too shabby!

 We are getting there folks and are almost ready to take off for our first major trip in newly-remodeled Winnie the Pugh. Yahoo!

In this video, I talk a little more about no/low VOC paint, discover some great deals found on the “Oops paint” bargain racks at Home Depot, and show off the final product (with some really cool rose gold accents all around).

Don’t miss the fun! Click the link below to see the video!

Also…here are some links for the products I used in this video, including the rose gold accents. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases:

Sand Paper Sponges (for sanding floor prior to applying Kilz and paint as well as for sanding between each coat after drying):

Painting Roller Set (with painting tray): Beyer

Greengaurd Interior Paint Navajo White Semi Gloss Enamel

PS Via Amazon this paint is around $40 for a quart but I got it at Home Depot for $16! May be worth a trip to the store to get it for less if there is a HD near you!

Kilz Paint, 1 quart Interior Low Odor:

Rose Gold Flat Metallic Paint:

Rose Gold Spray Paint:

Rose Gold Cabinet Handles:

Rose Gold Coat Hooks:

Copper colored hummingbird pair wall art:

PS the cute little hummingbird you saw in the video I created by simply spray painting an old garden art piece I got last year at Dollar Tree. I found this pair on Amazon that are super adorable too!

PSS I didn’t pay anything for the wood around the wheel well because we used free scrap wood that was laying around and got some much-appreciated help from my carpenter father again.

Thank you Pop! 🙂

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painting me and bun

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